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One of our kindred members who has moved to North Carolina, Mandy Allison posted the other day her mom wasnt doing well. I emailed her today and this is what she wrote me.
“Ritchie went back home to find mom had been hospitalized with a 105 temp, red face, and confusion…she had pneumonia and doc pulled ritchie out of room to tell him if the lady hadnt come and checked on her she mightve died. While in the hospital they ran tests. The found a large nodule on her lung and one on her throat. They have told her to followup in a week. Ritchie and I suspect it is cancer. (Obviously with our family). He called me to say it was serious. They sent her home not fully recovered from the pneumonia… he says it has her attention. She takes rheumatoid meds and so her immune system is pretty much nil. Dont know the outlook beyond that.”

Mandy is still a member of our kindred, and if folks could spare a moment to offer up a prayer or light a candle it would be much appreciated

Skaði Blot

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When: Sunday, February 24, at 2:00 pm (set-up will begin around 1:30 pm)

When: Sunday, February 24, at 2:00 pm (set-up will begin around 1:30 pm)
Where: Bataan Park, near the intersection of Lomas and Carlisle in Albuquerque, NM.

What: With few exceptions, such as Mountain Haven Kindred, the local Heathen community does not typically have open rituals. Please join the Heathen Council of New Mexico for its first ever blot open to the public. We will be honoring , one of the more important goddesses in Heathenry. Skaði is a goddess of winter, of skiing, of the hunt, and of vengeance and reconciliation, among many other things.

After the leader of the blot announces the purpose of the ritual and hails the powers of the seasons, there will be at least one round of open hails. While it is most appropriate to hail the goddess for whom the blot is being held, other powers, such as her kin among the gods (including Njord, Frey, and Frejya), one’s ancestors, and/or the wights of the land, are also appropriate subjects of hails. If desired, small offerings, like the recitation of poetry or individual libations, may also be made. After the open hails, a libation will be poured.

Pot-luck snacks to follow; snack-type finger food to be shared that does not have to be kept warm is most welcome, though not required.

This is an alcohol-free event; fruit juice will be provided for the open round of hails. Participants are encouraged to bring their own favorite horns, mugs, or other drinking vessels, but paper cups will also be provided.

Also, this is an outside event in February, so please dress accordingly.

Skaði was the topic of discussion for the January meeting of Keeper of Seasons Hall; the handout for this discussion may be found at:


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I have been trying to contact some of the so called leaders of the ig National Organizations to try to organize some help for east coast Heathens. The silence is deafening. I and a few other kindred leaders have come to the conclusion that if we are going to help those folks we need to do it ourselves. I have talked with a few people in NY and NJ and some aren’t to bad others have no heat power or gas and food is running low. I am open for ideas to help them. I am getting folks in the area that are not in to bad of shape to ferry supplies.

Guest at Winternights

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Hey we need to discuss something. Yesterday Members of Keeper of Seasons and our hall met in Albuquerque and we talked with a reporter for the Journal. He seemed to be impressed that 1; we don’t seem to be racist, and 2 even with the some minor theological and practice differences between KoSH and MHK we compliment each other. We would like to possibly attend Winternights with us. Before I give a yes or no I want the Halls approval. So the floor is open for discussion.


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Wæs Hàl good folk! Come and join Mountain Haven this weekend as we celebrate Winterfinding. Haustblot is past and Winternights drawer near. The balloons are in the sky and Ullr now greets us early in the morn. Skadhi has kissed the garden with her frost.

Saturday the 13th, plan on arriving @ 5 ish, ceremony at around 6 feast and sumbel to follow. Dress warm, its a bit chilly on the east side of the mountain. Byob, potluck. Kindred rules you drink here you stay here. As always children are more than welcome at our kindred events. Email of pm me for directions.

Kindred Pig Hunt.

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We missed our last pig hunt due to weather. I would like to try to schedule another for sometime between Winternights and Yule. I would also like to do it in betwen deer hunts so we dont interfere. What say the Kindred?


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2nd weekend of October is our next meeting and blot, To early for Winternights, to late for Freyfaxi! But we’ll gather the same! One thing All Kindred members need to think on if we want to use the current logo, of a Thors hammer with Mountain Haven Kindred encircling it, or if we want a new one. I talked with Eric of Keeper of Seasons and I am wanting to make a kindred banner and also some Polo or button up shirts with our Kindred logo on it. Yeah I am jealous of KoSH! Also I came up with an idea for our Kindred Horn that Aragon made for us. I think to decorate our horn we should put Mountain Haven in runes around the lip and then engrave every member of the hall’s name on it. Past and present. Question is should it be done in Runic script or English. Let me know what you all think.

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September Celebrations

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Damn I have not done a very good job with our 2nd Saturday of the month meetings. This September I am teaching a class in Arizonaon wilderness medicine. The first weekend is Labor day weekend, and the family and I are going scouting for deer. Christines birthday is the 37 so that weekend is taken. So we can either bag September or try to squeeze the 3 rd weekend in. What say you the Hall?


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As i posted on our FB mail list we moved Freyfaxy to this weekend.
Beffers bring em out!!!! So meeting (Optional) is about 4is or so Blot at about 5-530 or around there and feast and sumble to follow. I have a great looking pork roast and a recipe that should do good honor to Frey. I am also making Calabicitas, Grated zuchinni and yellow squash fried with green chile bell peppers and corn, plus some home made Pico de Gaio. So we’ll need starch of some sort,dessert and maybe paper products. Snacks also. Cant wait to see everyone out here!



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Saturday the 11th of August is Freyfaxi for Mountain Haven  West. Hlæfmæsse Freyfaxi is the beginning of the harvest. Since the wheel is turning and the seasons are changing and Sunna is going to bed a bit sooner we will have our kindred meeting at @ 4 Mountain Heathen Time, blot and feast at @5ish or so and sumbel to follow. This is the last blot before the kids go back to school (YAY!!!!!!) so lets make sure they are well included. Since this is also a Freyr blot and Freyr is King of the Alfar, our Alfa will be honored as well. Also the boar is sacred to Freyr, porkloin will be the main dish. Side dishes of local harvest would be really great, but bring what you can. As usual we will need veggies, some sort of starch, desert, snacks non alcoholic drinks for all. Freyfaxi is to me the start of the HHS, (Heathen Holiday Season) So it would be great if as many of the kindred can make. As with all our kindred events but Mothers night this is open to all who would like to attend. RSVP here or via email,


Hail the Gods! Hail the Goddesses Hail the Hall Hail the Gods and Goddess of the Hall!


Sunday the 12 we will try to have a Kindred target shoot here in the Edgewood. Folks that want to learn how to shoot come on out. I’ll will bring an assortment of firearms for folks to learn on from 1830’s Pennsylvania long rifles to Glock 19 and 21 handguns. Plus a couple of .22’s and a shotgun. This is a combination of a fun target shoot and instruction on firearm safety, All kindred members are welcome

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